Pregnancy Symptoms Week 40 – Week By Week Pregnancy

It is very amazing to see how one day; someone walks into your life and you cannot dwell upon how you ever lived without him or her. If you are looking for pregnancy symptoms week 40 then let us tell you, this is your happy due date! As you know 40 weeks pregnant means that your baby has reached his or her official deadline.

You have done all the arrangements for your baby such as a baby’s car seat, a final check for hospital bag but it is important to know about last-minute things. For example, your mobile is fully charged, and your car is properly working before you go to bed.

Pregnancy symptoms week 40 can bring a lot of extra stress, you must be constantly wondering about when the baby will make his or her entrance. Do not stress yourself, your body will give you the signal that it is the right time.

Baby at 40 weeks pregnant

Baby at 40 weeks could arrive at any moment now, but it is also possible that he or she prefers a few more days in the coziness of your body. Your baby has dropped a bit lower into your pelvis, it is very crowded in there.

Baby has shed most of his or her vernix, the skin of your little one may be getting dry in spots. If the baby has not arrived yet, then it is also okay. 30 percent of women proceed after the due date.

40 weeks old fetus

This week, the baby is as big as a watermelon. The average height of a baby is 20.2 inches with almost 7.6 pounds weight by the end of this week. If your baby is in a breech position, rump down, your doctor may try to change the position by putting firm pressure on your belly.


Once you have reached full term conception then your doctor will call you for a final biophysical profile. It includes a non-stress test as well as 40 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If the results suggest that the baby would be good on the outside than in your uterus. Your doctor may order for the labor induction process.

In this ultrasound, you will be able to see him or her snuggling peacefully inside your womb. If you do a 3D ultrasound then you might see your baby’s small features like fingernails, eyebrows, and genitals.

40 weeks pregnant belly

Your belly has stretched up to the maximum limit as the uterus covers all the space. Your stretched marks have been on your body for a long time now and hopefully, you are used to them. Aren’t you?

It is generally observed that some women develop pruritic urticarial papules, a rash, that is usually formed in the stretch marks on your belly. Your body has done a great job of housing and developing your baby in this period. Huh!

40 weeks pregnant belly pictures

Showing at 40 weeks of pregnancy

You may not stop touching your growing 40 weeks pregnant bump. There are chances that you are fully obsessed with the little being developing inside you. Your baby likes touching and holding your bump, warm and fuzzy feelings can make your baby more comfortable.

Your doctor may measure your fundal height which is roughly equal to the number of weeks of your conception. And it does not influence on pregnancy symptoms week 40.

Sex at 40 weeks of pregnancy

You can have sex if your doctor permits you, but do not forget about protection as it can be the reason of serious infection in your uterus. Also, try different positions to reduce the risk of harming the baby.

Labor signs

  • Contractions that lasts longer than a few minutes
  • A leak or flow of amniotic fluid
  • Diarrhea
  • Cervix dilates
  • Cramps and increased backache
  • Vaginal discharge may change color and consistency

Labor induction at pregnancy symptoms week 40

As you know, this is your last week of pregnancy, you may wonder and search for natural methods to induce labor. We can recommend some safe but not medically proven methods such as having sex and taking long walks. You can also go for acupuncture, which is safe to try.

But do not try any herbal medication or castor oil, these methods are not safe. The stimulation of nipples can cause contractions, but it can be so strong that it may put you in danger.

40 weeks pregnant what to expect

40 weeks pregnant cramps

No one can tell you the exact reason for these painful spasms in your legs. It is common in pregnancy symptoms week 40 so, when a leg cramp hits, gently move your ankle and toe backward.

40 weeks pregnant headache

Trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, a lot of anxiety about labor, pregnancy hormones, and a lot of other physical and mental changes can cause headaches, but it is completely okay. Before taking any painkiller, speak with your doctor.

Abdominal pain

Early delivery contractions can give you a feel like gastrointestinal discomfort, strong menstrual cramps, and lower abdominal pain. It frequently occurs in pregnancy symptoms week 40.

Pregnancy symptoms week 40


We can understand your troubled sleeping situation but as you do not have any working plans, you can relax as much as you can.


Do you remember about Braxton hick contractions? This week these false contractions may turn into a real one. So, keep an eye on regular contractions. If these contractions last longer than a few minutes, notify your doctor.


We know, labor can bring a lot of stress but your little one will show up at the right time so, calm down and enjoy these last moments of conception. You can always read up some good tips for being a good mom to your baby and kill your growing anxiety.

Cervical dilation or effacement

You may not feel your cervix opening and thin out. But it is happening this week.


Moms-to-be go through a lot of changes so, you may come across your breathing problem. Pregnancy hormones can dry out your nasal passage. Use a humidifier in your bedroom or sleep with nasal strips on your nose.

Precautions during 40th week of pregnancy

  • Research about safe methods for inducing labor.
  • You can also try the acupuncture method.
  • Shave your body safely this week.
  • Do a mini-workout.
  • Keep yourself busy so that you cannot make yourself worry about labor.
  • Stay relaxed.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 40

  • Plan your next visit to the doctor
  • Speak with your doctor about labor induction
  • Visit your ward and look for basic facilities
  • Prepare yourself for motherhood


Pregnancy Symptoms Week 39 – Week By Week Pregnancy

Will it be today? Tomorrow? Or next week? The common duration of pregnancy is almost 40 weeks but most of the women go into labor before or after their due date. That means, while looking for pregnancy symptoms week 39, delivery can be any time now.

Your baby has reached the full term now. Yay! We can understand your discomfort and impatience as many moms-to-be go through in the last days of pregnancy. But it is a natural way of getting ready for labor both mentally and physically.

Do you remember how scared you used to be about childbirth? But now as you are experiencing the pregnancy symptoms week 39, you do not care about it anymore. You are just thinking to hold your baby in your arms, whatever it takes now. whoa!

Baby at 39 weeks pregnant

This week, your baby is in his or her full term, the size and weight of your baby will be constant until birth. There is not much room inside your uterus for the baby to move around. So, if you are feeling any changes in movements of your little one, this is probably why.

Although your baby is reaching a peak in development, still some internal growth of lungs and brain is taking place to make sure that the baby is well prepared to survive in the outside world.

39 weeks old fetus

The average size of the baby at 39 weeks can be compared with the pumpkin. Your baby will gain almost 7.3 pounds along with 20 inches height by the end of this week. Your baby’s skin has turned white, but it will be pink again right after birth.

39 weeks pregnant belly

As you know, labor can be anytime now, your belly has stretched up to its maximum extent. You may have noticed more visible stretch marks as your skin is expanding to keep your extended womb. It is generally observed that many women get itchy rashes, known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of conception. Speak with your doctor and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

When pregnancy symptoms week 39 occur, the countdown has really begun for delivery. The end of your pregnancy is in sight and the new beginning ahead.

Your uterus has expanded during your conception period, but it will revert to its normal size after delivery in 5 to 6 weeks.

39 weeks pregnant belly picture


At this prenatal appointment, your doctor can order a non-stress test along with 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound. You will come to know that your baby is flexing his or her limbs as well as fingernails are also developing rapidly.

Baby’s position is probably cephalic, head-down, that means your little one is ready to make a grand entrance. Now, there is nothing much left to do expect prenatal appointments, waiting for your peanut, keeping yourself busy in small tasks. If everything is done, it’s great. But if not, then it’s not a big deal, try to complete your final preparations.

Showing at 39 weeks of pregnancy

Many pregnant women have a big 39 weeks pregnant bump but if you have a bit smaller then it is also okay. The size of the bump has nothing to do with your baby’s health. It is very hard to move around with this big belly, say thanks to your baby’s weight as well as your growing belly. Try to walk slowly and carefully. Save your energy by getting a short nap during the daytime.

Sex during pregnancy symptoms week 39

Healthy sex life is completely okay if your doctor has not pointed out any complications in your conception. But complications in your pregnancy symptoms week 39 might increase if you do not care about protection during sex.

But sometimes it is hard to have sex with the protruding belly and your breasts are also tender now.

Inducing labor in pregnancy symptoms week 39

Now, when you are in the last weeks of pregnancy and ready to give birth, you may wonder how to induce birth naturally at home. Sipping castor oil and taking homemade remedies are not safe to try. There are few methods that are not scientifically proven but these methods are safe and may work for you.

1.           Walking

Grab your sneakers and go for a long walk. Some experts think that gravity will push your baby down on to your cervix and the pressure will induce labor.

2.           Acupuncture

This is not proven but this ancient practice of having sex during the last days of pregnancy can naturally induce labor. Some people believe that orgasm can help you bring contractions as it regulates your blood flow. It is not hurting you in any way so, give it a try!

39 weeks pregnant what to expect

Braxton hick contractions

These are common contractions that may occur many times, but it only lasts for a few moments. These contractions are considered as false labor contractions, the body’s way to practice labor that is just around the corner.


A mild 39 weeks pregnant headache may be due to tiredness and slight dehydration. But if it is severe such as you are feeling flashing lights then do not wait, call your doctor right away.

Stomach pain 39 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms week 39 include a lot of practice contractions, but if these contractions are painful then it is the big deal. Pains in your lower sides of the stomach are mostly caused by your expanding womb.

Lightning crotch

As your little one is very low in your pelvic chamber, his or her movements can hit your sensitive nerves and gives you a sharp pain. Yowch!

Pelvic pressure

As your baby is getting into position for delivery day, he or she is sitting very low that your lower rump feels very heavy and agonizing.

Pregnancy transformations

Heartburn and indigestion

You may have heartburn at its crest, but relief is just around the corner, after the childbirth. So, till that, drink a lot of water before and after meals instead of during the meals.

Water breaking

Another important sign that is common in pregnancy symptoms week 39. Your amniotic pouch breaks, water broke,  call your doctor as soon as possible.


Your back is hurting all the time as you are counting the final days of your conception. You can help yourself by taking a warm shower.


As you are carrying a lot of extra weight, it is expected that your center of gravity will change. Your discomfort will be increased due to a big belly as well as tender breasts. You should wear comfy clothes and comfortable bras.

Precautions during 39th week of pregnancy

  • Consider reflexology to induce labor.
  • Try an at-home facial, it will boost your skin tone.
  • Eating during labor can boost up your energy.
  • Take a catnap during the day as your body working very hard.
  • Breech baby? Try some specific exercises to bring your baby in a head-down position.
  • Try physical therapy tricks.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 39

  • Plan your next visit
  • Research about what happens during labor
  • Plan your meals after delivery
  • Sign up for more interesting information about motherhood


Pregnancy Symptoms Week 38 – Week By Week Pregnancy

If you are going through pregnancy symptoms week 38, you are almost approaching full term conception. You are probably feeling so ready for the next and the last phase of your pregnancy, childbirth. But before delivery, keep an eye on the labor signs.

This week, you will go through lightning bolt-like feelings, moving up and down in your legs and vagina. Do not worry, the baby is sitting low in the uterus and bumping into all of your nerves.

You may believe it or not, you are still gaining weight about half a pound each week. Your big belly is getting in the way of good night’s sleep, but the end is in sight now! it is interesting to know that, only 4 percent of women deliver on the due date. So, do not overthink about delivery day. It can be any day, before or after the due date.

Baby at 38 weeks pregnant

Although it is week 38, final days of pregnancy but your baby is still finishing last developmental stages such as lungs, brain, and liver continue to grow. This is the reason why childbirth should be at full term or close to full term as much as possible.

Meconium, first poop of your baby that is made of anything that your baby engulfed in the uterus. Baby’s vocal cord is developing now, he or she is getting ready to communicate with you through wails and cries. Whoa!

38 weeks old fetus

The average size of a baby at 38 weeks is about a water melon. He or she has gained 6.8 pounds along with 19.6 inches height. His or her head is around the same circumferences as belly, sounds like a bird, huh?


As you are attending every week prenatal appointment now. Your doctor probably checks for baby’s position, is he or she head-down or the head has moved into the pelvic chamber. Another important test will also conduct to check your cervix for dilation and effacement, either your body is ready for labor or not.

Your doctor can call you for 38 weeks pregnant ultrasound to have a brief look at baby’s growth such as breathing, movement, muscle tone, and heartbeat. It is an important part of your biophysical profile, after this, your doctor can decide about the delivery date.

If your doctor finds the baby in breech position, feet first, the recommended procedure to make your baby head-down position is an external cephalic version. But if your baby’s development is normal then maybe it is your last screening test.

38 weeks pregnant belly

You may look at your belly in pregnancy symptoms week 38 and wonder, why it looks droopy, lower towards the pelvis. This shows that your baby has changed his or her position in the uterus, head-down. One of the biggest change that you will experience in pregnancy symptoms week 38 is a lot of pressure on your lower abdomen.

You are maybe more uncomfortable than ever in the last days of conception as you have gained a lot of weight. It is hard for many women to find a relaxing position to sit, sleep, or even stand. The best remedy is to do some mind diverting activities or have some healthy food to keep yourself anxiety free.

38 weeks pregnant belly picture

Labor during pregnancy symptoms week 38

If there is any complication in your pregnancy such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or uterine infection, the doctor will go with labor-inducing procedure. Also if you are expecting twins or going through the bloody show, get ready for childbirth. It’s the time!

Do not try to stimulate labor at home by yourself, it can be dangerous for you and your baby. Always discuss with your doctor first and wait for the doctor’s opinion.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 38

It is safe to have sex in any week of your pregnancy but be careful about the positions. And let us tell you, pleasurable sex can boost up your energy as well as your mood. It can help you to reduce your anxiety level.

Show at 38 weeks first pregnancy

From this week until your delivery day, 38 weeks pregnant bump is going to be constant in size. But no one can exactly tell you how big belly bump a pregnant woman can have. Every woman is different so does her journey. So, do not stress yourself if you have a small belly bump.

38 weeks pregnant what to expect

Braxton hick contractions

It is one of the most common and frequent symptoms included in pregnancy symptoms week 38. If the contractions go away by changing position or last only for a few moments, do not worry. Your body is practicing for labor.

38 weeks pregnant headache

Headache cannot harm your body, but it can make you uncomfortable for hours or even for days. Severe headache, vomiting, and sudden swelling are common signs of preeclampsia. Call your doctor right away.

Stomach pain 38 weeks pregnant

As your baby has changed position, head-down, this week. It can cause mild pain in the lower belly, but no one can help you in this situation. Try to do rest as much as you can.

Signs of labor

  • Diarrhea
  • Mucus plug or bloody show
  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Water breaking

Pregnancy transformation

Itchy belly

As your belly has stretched as much as it can so, it is more sensitive now. stay hydrated. But notify your doctor if you get a rash.


Maybe due to the anxiety of labor or your belly bump, it can cause trouble sleeping at night. Listen to your favorite music or read a book in this condition. It will help you to sleep faster.

Leaky breasts

This week, your breasts have grown up to a maximum extent and leaking colostrum too. But if you are not experiencing these signs during pregnancy symptoms week 38, it is also normal.


Loose bowel movements are the organic way to make proper room for your baby to emerge. Labor is imminent, Yay! Stay hydrated, eat light meals and avoid fiber-rich food items.

Mucus plug

You probably have noticed globs of thick mucus-like discharge, this yucky stuff is normal. This is happening due to your dilated cervix. It brings you one step closer to labor.

Precautions during 38th week of pregnancy

  • Prepare postpartum meals.
  • Double-check your hospital bag.
  • Go for a walk regularly and try to do some breathing exercises.
  • Research distractions to reduce labor discomfort.
  • Wear loose and comfy clothes.
  • Do squat exercise.
  • Try labor-inducing food.

What should be in your hospital bag?

  • Warm socks or slippers
  • Message oil
  • Lip balm
  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Personal toiletries
  • Nursing pads
  • Bra pads

Pregnancy symptoms week 37 – Week By Week Pregnancy

Somewhere in this world, after every ten seconds, there is a pregnant woman giving birth to a child. Let us congratulate you on this big victory, now you are officially 37 weeks pregnant. Feeling nesting? Well, it is common during pregnancy symptoms week 37.

It is instinctual; you are preparing for your baby’s arrival both mentally and physically. You may find yourself scrubbing floors or organizing baby’s nursery. Nesting is also called as early term, which means your baby is arriving very soon.

What else you can expect at 37 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable all the time and thinking about your baby. It is hard to track your months in conception as you are focusing on weekly symptoms.

Baby at 37 weeks pregnancy

Baby is practicing for his or her big entrance; blinking, turning sides, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. Your pregnancy is coming towards an end but your little one is still growing, plumping up every day. If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 37, your baby is still in early term not full term until week 39.

Baby at 37 weeks has shed most of the lanugo, extra hair on his or her body. Your little one can also grasp on small objects such as nose or toe. Let us tell you an interesting fact, the baby is sucking his or her thumb a lot in the last weeks of pregnancy, preparing for breastfeeding. Isn’t cute?

37 weeks old fetus

Baby is the size of a canary melon in pregnancy symptoms week 37. The average weight is 6.3 pounds with 19.1 inches in height. Baby is gaining half ounce every week now. Baby is in a head-down position, getting ready for labor.


You probably have a prenatal appointment every week now, but 37 weeks pregnant ultrasound is also important as it is a part of your biophysical profile. It makes sure that your baby is doing fine inside your uterus.

If you are expecting twins then your doctor might discuss C-section or induction, it is entirely depending upon your medical history and baby’s health. It can happen in week 38, just one week left to meet your baby, Yah!

Some pregnant women are so impatient waiting for baby, remind yourself it will happen any time now. Just a few days more. If you are feeling antsy, find something else to divert your attention.

37 weeks pregnant belly

This week, the cervix probably has started to dilute as well as your seal may also disappear which protect your uterus from infection. This seal is also known as a mucous plug, it can be notice hours, days, and even weeks before labor. It is the right time to call your doctor and ask for further recommendations.

37 weeks pregnant belly pictures

Showing at 37 weeks first pregnancy

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s head should move down in your pelvis, this position is known as engaged. If you are pregnant with your first baby it will happen anytime now, otherwise, the baby will not move until labor.

When it happens, you may notice your 37 weeks pregnant bump is a bit small as compared to before engaged.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 37

Sex is safe at any stage of pregnancy if you are taking proper instructions from your doctor. You may feel contractions after orgasm, but it will be fine after a few minutes.

37 weeks pregnant what to expect


As you are getting closer to your delivery day, the baby is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive system which is the main reason for heartburn.


A bit of spotting is expected in pregnancy symptoms week 37 as your cervix is more sensitive now. So, sex can irritate it and cause bleeding. Call your doctor if it is more than spotting, it could be a sign of placental abruption.

37 weeks pregnant cramping

Leg cramps are common throughout your pregnancy. It can make your nights miserable, try to drink plenty of water. Contractions or cramps are also a part of pregnancy symptoms week 37, after all, you are going to have a baby very soon now.

Temporary contractions, Braxton hicks’ contractions can be treated by changing positions. But do not ignore progressive contractions, notify your doctor as soon as possible.

Abdominal pain

If the baby has dropped down into the pelvis, you may feel lower stomach pain at 37 weeks pregnant and a strong urge to pee.

37 weeks pregnant headache

Many pregnant women get headache due to stress, fatigue, sinus issues, and trouble sleeping. The elevated hormones can also be the reason. Use a cold compress, stay in dark, and rest as much as you can.

Pregnancy transformation

Stretch marks

Don’t be scared about stretch marks, they will turn into silvery lines and then fade away up to maximum extent after the childbirth.

Breast change

You may have noticed a change in breast size, preparing for breastfeeding.

Pregnancy brain

It is not unexpected to walk around in a fog as you have a lot of things going on in your mind. Try to stick notes on your desk for all the important things.

Bloody show

As a rupturing of a blood vessels in your cervix, getting ready for labor, a pinkish mucus discharge can happen.


It is not uncommon in the last weeks of pregnancy. It can often relate with very soon labor, Whoa!

Labor signs in pregnancy symptoms week 37

  • Mucus plug
  • Bloody show
  • Water breaking
  • Nausea
  • Regular contractions
  • Back pain

Precautions during 37th week of pregnancy

  • Slow weight gain is healthy during the last month of conception.
  • Get an exercise ball.
  • Consider a perineal massage.
  • Make the right choices in meals.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take care of yourself.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 37

  • Finalize your baby’s nursery.
  • Buy a waterproof sheet.
  • Start stocking diapers.
  • Schedule your next prenatal appointment.
  • Plan your last maternity shoot.
  • Sign up to know more interesting facts related to the upcoming days.

36 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy

While deciding to have a baby can be momentous, but it is the beginning of the most precious experience of your life. If you are looking for 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms then firstly, congratulation for successfully completing 8 months of conception. You are in month 9, time is flying!

In these weeks, the baby could decide to make his or her big entrance at any time. So, get ready and take a final look at your preparations. Re-read all the material related to CPR and breastfeeding, it will be very helpful in any emergency.

It is perfect and probably the last chance to spend time with your partner, you can go for a date night. Because it is very difficult for many couples to spend time with each other once the baby arrives. In 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms, it is hard to hit yourself up for a dance, but you can enjoy dinner. Hopefully!

Baby at 36 weeks pregnancy

Baby at 36 weeks is fully developed and almost ready for his or her journey into the world. In the last weeks of conception, the baby’s ears get extra sharp. Your little one can recognize your favorite songs after birth. Are you excited?

36 weeks old fetus

The average weight of your baby is measuring around 5.8 pounds with 18.7 inches height from head to toe. You can compare your baby with a bunch of bananas or with papaya.

36 weeks pregnant belly

Recommended weight gain during 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms is about 25 to 35 pounds. Your belly is probably not showing too many changes in size. But if you are expecting twins, healthy weight gain is about 35 to 45 pounds. Most of the moms-to-be may deliver their twins this week but if it hasn’t happened yet, it is okay too.

In upcoming weeks, you will have prenatal appointments every week for weight, blood pressure, and fundal height measurement. Your doctor will also check your cervix either it is preparing for labor or not. You can also know about the baby’s position inside your belly.

36 weeks pregnant belly picture


This week, your doctor will check your baby’s position, placenta, heart rate, and size in 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If everything is normal, there will be more chances for vaginal delivery. The doctor will also measure your fundal height, you can also go for Group B Strep test in third trimester.

About 30 percent of women test positive for Group B Strep test, but do not worry. The cure is very simple, an antibiotic drip during delivery will reduce the chances of its exposure to the baby.

Showing at 36 weeks first pregnancy

There is a common misconception that the size of your belly bump shows the size of your baby. It is totally wrong; 36 weeks pregnant bump is not related to babies. Your bump size entirely depends upon your pre-pregnancy, height, and fitness.

Let us tell you an important fact, the number of centimeters your bump measures must be the same as the number of weeks you are pregnant. But fluctuations can be expected, give or take 2 centimeters.

Sex at 36 weeks pregnant

It must be difficult to have sex at 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms but still, it is perfectly safe. Try different positions and find out which one is more comfortable for you. If you are not in the mood for sex, you can spend some quality time with your partner by planning a romantic dinner date.

36 weeks pregnant what to expect

Changes in vaginal discharge

As you are getting closer to labor, increased vaginal discharge is expected during 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms. But watch out for any watery discharge, it can be a sign of water breaking. Call your doctor right away. If you experience a mucus plug, a mixture of blood and mucus, it indicates that delivery is due soon. But we cannot tell how much time you have, go for an emergency call.

36 weeks pregnant headache

There are a lot of reasons for headache such as hormonal changes, trouble sleeping due to your big belly, vivid dreams, and intake of caffeine. So, have rest as much as you can and do not invite extra anxiety by thinking about 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Nesting instinct

You probably feel very tired all the time in the third trimester but certainly, you may have a strong urge to organize baby’s nursery or decorate his or her room. If you feel so, take a break and have rest.

36 weeks pregnant cramping

Sometimes pregnant women feel tightening in the uterus as well as in back which is similar to menstrual cramping. As your uterus keeps on growing, abdominal cramps will become common in the third trimester. Mild cramps are linked with physical changes your body goes through. But if it lasts for more than an hour, speak with your doctor.

Frequent urination

As your baby is putting a lot of pressure on your bladder continuously. You may have plenty of visits to the bathroom, but it has nothing to do with your fluid intake. So, stay hydrated.

Heartburn and indigestion

Your little one is crowding your digestive tract, but Antacids can be helpful if it is recommended by your doctor. Avoid all types of greasy, vinegary, and spicy food.

Better ability to breath

As the baby drops into the pelvic cavity, there is more space available for the lungs to work better. This will be helpful to reduce shortness of breath. We hope you are feeling relaxed now.

Pregnancy transformations

  • Pelvic discomfort can be happening due to the baby dropping into the pelvic cavity.
  • Changes in fetal movements of your baby.
  • Due to large meals, bloating and gas can strike more frequently.
  • Constipation can be treated by eating small and frequent meals along with plenty of water.
  • Your belly is stretching to the breaking point, creams with vitamin E will be helpful to avoid it.
  • Swollen ankles and feet are completely normal in 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms, take a warm bath. It is more common in twin’s pregnancy. But if anything seems abnormal, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Precautions during 36th week of pregnancy

  • Note your baby’s movements.
  • Learn about mucus plug.
  • Get ready to send baby’s birth announcements.
  • Get plenty of B6 vitamin by consuming avocado, bananas, spinach, watermelon, tomatoes, potatoes, and rice.
  • Ask about biofeedback.
  • Fill up on proteins.
  • Pack your hospital bag.

Checklist – 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms

  • Stock up on maternity sanitary pads
  • Look for ideas to announce the birth
  • Massage your perineum
  • Go over your childbirth classes
  • If you have other kids, prepare them to welcome the new member
  • Schedule your next visit
  • Finalize maternity leave plan


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