Pregnancy Symptoms Week 30

No one can understand life unless it grows inside you. As you are passing through pregnancy symptoms week 30, growing belly is a clue that the baby is growing very quickly every day. This week of your conception comes along with a lot of discomforts but only 10 weeks left to meet with your little one. Isn’t exciting?

Your growing belly is not just causing trouble sleeping but also become a conversational piece wherever you go. It is not always a pleasure to listen to comments on your body shape. Sometimes people do not care about what they are saying, it can be embracing but do not take it seriously. We can understand the situation but think about your glowing skin!

This is the right time to learn different ways to overcome your anxiety about labor. Sign up for labor classes or you can practice at home.

Baby at 30 weeks pregnancy

Your baby is growing about half a pound and half-inch every week. Baby’s size is about a cabbage, 30 weeks old fetus measures around 15.7 inches long and weighs about 2.9 pounds by the end of this week.

Baby’s brain starts making wrinkles, convolutions so that it can hold more brain cells. Hands of your baby are fully formed with soft little nails. Aww! That’s cute.

30 weeks pregnant belly

As your pregnancy proceeds, belly is getting hard and tight. Healthy weight gain is about 18 to 25 pounds but fluctuations are expected. But 25 to 40 pounds is recommended weight gain for women pregnant with twins.

Are you feeling stressed about weight gain? This is going to be worth it so, do not agonize over it or to rush to put it off. Baby at 30 weeks is still floating in your womb, off course in amniotic fluid.

Sudden weight gain could be a sign of pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, notify your doctor about it as soon as possible.

Show at 30 weeks first week

Look at your 30 weeks pregnant bump, Wow! If you are pregnant with your first child, it must be an exciting and joyful moment. You may have a smaller bump than others who are pregnant with twins or having the second baby. But there is no need to compare yourself with others as every woman experiences a different journey.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 30

It is safe to have sex in this stage of conception if your doctor tells you everything is okay. But use protection and find some comfortable positions.


If your conception is going good so far then you probably will not have 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound. But you can have an ultrasound if you want to see what your baby is doing inside your belly.

If you are pregnant with twins, you may have NTS, a non-stress test combined with a 30th-week sonogram. So, this test is conducted to measure babies’ heart rates along with your contractions rates by attaching a belt on the belly. This is also known as the biophysical profile. If everything seems normal, then your twosome is doing fine.

30 weeks pregnant what to expect

Vivid dreams

At pregnancy symptoms week 30, your dreams are getting even weirder, if you can sleep. The reason can be your extra anxiety or pregnancy hormones, but you can help yourself by doing a certain activity before sleep such as reading a book.


This is another not-so-fun symptom caused by heavy, greasy, acidic, and spicy food choices. So, be careful about your daily diet routine. Heartburn at pregnancy symptoms week 30 often leads you to trouble sleeping.

30 weeks pregnant headache

Headaches during pregnancy symptoms week 30 are mostly related to poor body postures while sleeping and stress of labor. In the third trimester, headache can also be caused by a condition called preeclampsia, high blood pressure during conception.

General discomforts

All kinds of 30 weeks pregnant cramping, as well as your big belly, are the reason of your discomforts. Well, stay calm until your childbirth.

Changes in fetal movements

You may have experienced more kicks and jabs when you are laying or eating something. But there is a certain time when this activity is less as your baby’s quarters getting more cramped. But always discuss it with your partner and especially with your doctor.

Bloating and gas

As your uterus expands, putting a lot of pressure on your rectum. This can cause less control over muscles and you may experience uncontrollable passing of gas. Drink plenty of water to prevent this situation.


Say thank you to pregnancy symptoms week 30 for diarrhea. It can strike due to dehydration or unhealthy food. Stay hydrated and speak with your doctor for healthy food choices.

Stomach pain 30 weeks pregnant

Stomach pain in the third trimester is notoriously hard to bear. Many people complain about a sharp pain in the upper or lower abdomen. In the upper abdomen, pains are usually harmless but in case of lower abdominal pain, contact with your doctor.


As you are putting a lot of weight now, you may get tired a bit sooner after doing a small activity. Sleep longer in the morning can be helpful. It will improve your energy levels.

Pregnancy transformations during pregnancy symptoms week 30


A little swelling is normal in pregnancy and it can treat by doing exercises at home or by taking a warm bath. But for sudden and drastically swollen body parts, contact your doctor.

Shortness of breath

Your growing baby is taking more space and your lungs are getting crowded. This is the main reason behind the shortness of breath in pregnancy symptoms week 30. But it will benormal once you will enter in week 33 or 34.

Stretch marks

Almost 90 percent of women notice red or pink lines on their belly and thighs, known as stretch marks. It will disappear up to a great extent once you deliver the baby.

Precautions during 30th week of pregnancy

  • Regular intake of calcium and iron is good for your baby’s teeth and bones.
  • Use maternity belts to get relief from back pain.
  • Eat a balanced diet include fruits, veggies, and plenty of water.
  • Avoid certain workouts during the third trimester.
  • Use a pillow to stay propped.
  • Buy some flat comfy shoes, do not care about price.
  • Ask about episiotomies.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 30

  • Plan your next prenatal appointment
  • Do research on childcare, visit childcare centers
  • Buy a baby car seat
  • Think about maternity photoshoot


Pregnancy symptoms week 24

Are you feeling tired all the time? It can be one of the pregnancy symptoms week 24 brings with it. It might also seem quite difficult to fall or stay asleep, no matter how much tired you get. The best remedy is to make sure you are avoiding caffeine and trying to eat your evening meal a little earlier before you go to bed.

The change in your sleeping positions, as well as the use of comfortable pillows, can help you to have good sleep time. Try to sleep on your side instead of back, it can help you to reduce the risk of stillbirth. You will also feel pain in your ribs during the pregnancy but can also be reduced if you sleep on your side.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, you have entered in month six, only 3 more months to go! We can assure you; we are as much excited as you are.

Baby at 24 weeks pregnancy

By 24 weeks, you may have observed that your baby’s movement levels seem to increase such as before bedtime. Aww! This is cute.

Now your 24 weeks old fetus measures about 11.8 inches in length and weighs around 1.3 pounds. You can compare your baby’s size with a papaya. While pregnancy symptoms week 24 occur, baby at 24 weeks would be considered viable and with a chance of survival if she or he will be born prematurely.

24 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby is developing auditory system rapidly but here is an interesting fact that your baby is still sporting white hairs, white eyelashes, and white eyebrows. All of this yet need to acquire pigment.

Drink up some sweet water! Your doctor will order a Glucose Challenge Screening Test this week to check the risks of gestational diabetes. This test is designed to check how your body processes sugar in 1 hour. If your results are bad, then this is not the end of the world.

You may have another test called a glucose tolerance test, hunker down in the waiting room. It will check how your body processes sugar in 3 hours to make sure that you actually have gestational diabetes.

If you do have gestational diabetes, then your doctor will counsel you on it properly. You may have extra monitoring, extra ultrasound tests. But let us tell you about the bright side, you will get to peek at your soon-to-be baby more frequently!

24 weeks pregnant belly

If your former innie is an outie now, then say hello to pregnancy symptoms week 24. Mostly pregnant women belly button pops as the swelling uterus pushes on inside belly. But it will be normal after the birth of your baby.

You already have experience baby kicks but now these kicks are getting stronger day by day. Recommended weight gain is 14 to 16 pounds by now but if you have gained a little extra then do not worry, it is normal too.

If you are pregnant with twins, then you should gain 24 pounds at the end of pregnancy symptoms week 24.

Showing at 24 weeks first pregnancy

Not showing much in your pregnancy can be true until week 23 but now you have a visible 24 weeks pregnant bump. Your stomach really starts growing now.

Some women start showing a little earlier and if you are one of them, you may surprise yourself at this stage of pregnancy. Because your growing bump could occasionally leave you unsteady on your feet, your center of gravity changed! Try to avoid standing suddenly.

24 weeks pregnant what to expect


We know that you have already experienced back pain but now its really getting worse. This is because as your baby grows so does your uterus. Your uterus keeps on pressing your spine, making it straighter and more strained now. Speak with the doctor if you have any concerns.

24 weeks pregnant headache

If you are going through 24 weeks of pregnancy headache, you are hardly alone. According to general observation, 1 in 4 women has a headache in this period. The reasons behind headache can be surging hormones, drop in blood sugar, increased blood volume and circulation, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, and caffeine withdrawal.

24 weeks pregnant cramping

Tight and achy legs are a sign of dehydration. This can lead you to severe leg cramps so, drink plenty of water, take regular walks, and do some leg stretching exercises.

Stomach pain 24 weeks pregnant

At the end of the second trimester, it is very common to experience round ligament pain. It is stretching pain in the hips and below the belly due to extra weight and pressure inside your belly. Try a maternity pregnancy support belt.

Pregnancy transformation in pregnancy symptoms week 24

Trouble sleeping

Due to increased belly size, it is difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Some well-spaced pillows can help.

Dizziness and loss of balance

Your growing belly size affects your weight distribution, making it easier to feel off balance. The changes in blood circulation can cause dizziness. Drink a lot of water and do not stress yourself.

Skin changes

You may have dark patches on your skin due to hormonal changes. The brown patches on your face called chloasma. Try to avoid heavy sun exposures.

Stretch marks

These tiger strips keep on appearing as your skin stretches even more.  If you are pregnant with twins, you probably have more stretch marks on your body.

Swollen ankles and feet

A bit of swelling on your feet and ankles is very common during pregnancy symptoms week 24. Try to do some exercise. Speak with your doctor if swelling seems out of ordinary.


Pregnancy hormones can cause your intestinal muscles to relax so it can keep your food in your digestive system for longer. So you and your baby can absorb more nutrients. Drink a lot of water to avoid constipation.

Precautions during the 24th week of pregnancy

  • Follow a healthy diet routine.
  • Try to avoid uncooked and raw food materials.
  • Healthy weight gain is recommended so, try to keep an eye on your weight.
  • Add 300 extra calories in your daily meals.
  • Take care of your bleeding gums and make sure regular checkups to the dentist.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Get plenty of proteins.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 24

  • Plan your babymoon
  • Prepare for a glucose test
  • Schedule your week 28 prenatal visit
  • Start babyproofing your house

Pregnancy symptoms week 32

Congratulations, you have completed the 7th month of your pregnancy and now you are almost there, just 8 more weeks to go until you have your little chub in your arms, Hurrah! Pregnancy symptoms week 32 are going to be more evident now and here is everything you need to know.

You are halfway into your third trimester and your belly has grown completely, though there is still some time for you to gain weight so your baby is born healthy as ever.

We have seen how mothers are scared with regards to what to expect during the 32nd week of pregnancy. This is why we decided to list down all the necessary details you need regarding your health at this stage.

Majorly, you now have to deal with some of the end-of-pregnancy to-do list that includes calling your health insurance manager that there is a new family member coming in or installing that baby car seat and so on.

But, let’s move on to some of the more important things than installing a baby car seat, shall we?

Your 32-weeks old fetus

Your little baby is now a 32-weeks old fetus who is probably making a little mess inside in order to set its position. This will help the baby in traveling down the birth canal at the time of delivery.

The baby at 32-weeks pregnancy is growing strong and now most likely weighs about 3.8 pounds, measuring almost 16.7-inches.

By this time, your little munchkin has grown all his vital organs and you will be able to see the growth through a 32-week pregnant ultrasound.

It provides you with all the major details regarding your baby’s growth and it also indicates his position.

Pregnancy Symptoms week 32

You must have experienced that in the last couple of months, the intensity of your symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, headache and so on was decreased.

You were able to lead your routine normally. There wasn’t much that you needed to worry about until you hit the 7th month of pregnancy.

But now, the intensity is something you will notice evidently. The contractions and heartburn becomes something that may cause you a bit of pain and irritation for a while.

But one thing we know for sure is that since the excitement of your baby’s arrival is nearing, the following symptoms are not stopping you down.

Here are some of the common symptoms a woman is to experience during the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Darker nipples

We can say that your body is pretty amazing but you will notice that suddenly, those areolas become darker.

Nobody really knows the reason for this but some researches have suggested that the color of your nipple grows darker so that the baby can see it clearly for breast-feeding.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks Contractions are sometimes mistaken for 32-weeks pregnant cramping whereas they are completely different from one another.

Some doctors have called these noticeable contractions as practice contractions until you go through the real deal during your labor.

Real contractions keep on coming whereas the contractions you feel at 32-weeks of pregnancy go away real quick.

Women who are expecting twins are more likely to experience these contractions as compared to someone who isn’t having twins.


You are most likely to feel acidic sensations known as heartburns.

You should just go on and take an anti-acid without thinking anything else. Most of the pregnant women are okay to take anti-acids and they don’t really have side effects.

Shortness of breath

This is another symptom that you are most likely to experience.

Due to the weight you are currently carrying, it is okay to be short of breath but just don’t push yourself hard.

As far as your baby is concerned, don’t worry, he is getting plenty of air.

Leaky boobs

Your breasts are now evidently bigger and there is a great chance that they have already started producing colostrum. Colostrum s a thick yellow fluid your baby will feed on during the very first few days. This is another one of the pregnancy symptoms at week 32.

Do not be surprised if you see a bit of leaking at this point. It is completely fine.

Vaginal discharge

This may seem a bit gross but you will experience vaginal discharge. It is your body’s way of preparing you for delivery.

This vaginal discharge prevents you from having any kind of infection down there before the baby is born.

However, you need to keep an eye out for mucus pug. It is a thick gooey substance that may sometimes contain a little blood. This discharge is responsible for covering the cervix until a few hours before you go into labor.

Another thing that you must watch out for is water-like substance. If you feel your discharge is more like water than a thick substance than chances are that your water has broken and you must get to the hospital at once.

32 weeks pregnant belly

32 weeks pregnant belly measures around 30-34 centimeters from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone.

If you are having twins, you will feel more weighed down as compared to other 32-weeks pregnant women. You will most likely go into labor during the 37th week.

Since you are almost in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, your doctor will probably want you to visit every week once to see the growth of your baby or just asses your condition.

As far as ultrasound is concerned, not many doctors go for an ultrasound at 32 weeks until you are at week 34. The doctor may ask you for an ultrasound in case you have pregnancy complications or they want to check something specifically.

So, this is everything you needed to know about 32-weeks of pregnancy. Just keep your doctor informed when you don’t feel right and everything else is good to go.

Pregnancy symptoms week 23 -All you need to know

If you are 23 weeks pregnant, then your soon-to-be baby is getting ready for making her or his big debut. We know that it is a fascinating experience for you but keep in mind, having nursery painted and filled with diapers is also important during pregnancy symptoms week 23 but there are some other less fun-to-dos you should have on your checklist. Financials!

Prepare yourself for upcoming days like call your health insurance company to see what is going on with your account and decide what kind of adjustments you can make for your baby. It is the right time to plan it.

Let us ask you, have you started your baby’s savings account? If you are like, what savings account? Then it is not too late, you can plan it now. Even making small deposits will help you a lot in the future. It is generally observed that kids who have their own savings account are more likely to go to college.

Let us congratulate you on this victory as you have completed 5 months of your pregnancy. Only 4 months left to go! Can you believe it? You are going to start in month six.

Baby at 23 weeks pregnancy

This week, your baby is as big as an apple or like a grapefruit. The average of 23 weeks old fetus measures about 11.4 inches and weighs around 1.1 pounds. Finally, you can calculate your baby’s weight in pounds.

Your baby at 23 weeks is not just getting bigger day by day but also getting cuter and starting to look more like a baby.

23 weeks pregnant ultrasound

You may see your cute little 23 weeks baby’s face fully formed if you have a 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Baby is entertaining her or himself by listening to your voice and your heartbeat. Baby can even listen to some other loud sounds like cars honking.

You can enjoy a little time off all the poking, prodding, and peeing for tests. You are seeing your doctor only once a month.

In the next trimester, you will be very busy with your doctor, seeing your doctor every week. You will not have time to plan events as your energy level get down. So, get your stuff done and have a lot of fun now.

23 weeks pregnant belly

While pregnancy symptoms week 23 occur, your belly typically measures around 21 to 23 centimeters. You have gained about 12 to 15 pounds but if you are pregnant with twins, the recommended weight gain is 23 pounds by the end of this week.

The benefit of gaining the recommended weight when you are pregnant with twins, you will reduce the risk of preterm labor.

Now let’s talk about the baby’s movements, it feels amazing when you know that baby is wiggling around in your belly. If you pay a little attention to baby’s movements, you will come to know that your baby is less active when sleeping but a Kung Fu master when baby awakes.

You may wonder to know that your baby will keep similar routines after birth as he or she is following now. So if his or her kicks keep you up at night, this can be a warning.

23weeks pregnant; What to expect

While you just have said good-bye to first-trimester nausea and fatigue, now you are dealing with the pregnancy symptoms week 23. This can include:

Swollen feet and ankles

You may experience a little puffiness on your feet and ankles in pregnancy symptoms week 23 but it is totally normal. You can treat it by putting your feet up as much as you can, take daily walks, and lastly drink plenty of water.

23 weeks pregnant headache

As you are gaining weight and belly growing, it is normal to feel pains and aches. At week 23, you may have sore muscles and mild headache due to sudden hormonal changes in your body. You can deal with it by taking warm baths, massaging on affected areas, or having a lot of rest.

Fetal movements

You may be getting used to feeling these light kicks but let us tell you these will get more powerful, pronounced and even painful.

23 weeks pregnant cramping

To be very honest, cramps are very common in the second and third trimester so, do not worry. You can try massage calves in long downward strokes or contact your doctor if you have any concerns.

Braxton hicks’ contractions

We can understand this is a totally weird sensation when you first time experience these contractions. Your belly getting super tight, muscles are flexing and tightening of the uterus. Preparing your body for labor.

Bleeding and swollen gums

Your hormones increase blood flow in your body, making your gums bleed and swell. Switch to a soft bristle toothbrush. Make sure regular checkups to your dentist.

Stomach pain while 23 weeks pregnant

You may feel more pain in your lower abdomen if you are pregnant with your first baby or with twins. Your womb is expanding and accommodate your growing uterus. But it only lasts for a few seconds. Speak with your doctor immediately as it can be a sign of early labor if it lasts for minutes.

Pregnancy transformations during 23 weeks of pregnancy


This is a very common but annoying symptom that can disrupt your sleeping at night. It might be triggered due to nasal congestion caused by extra weight gain and swollen mucous membranes of your nose. You can use a nasal strip at bedtime in order to avoid snoring.

Tingling hands

Swelling during pregnancy period can put pressure on your nerves in the wrist. It can cause the tingling of hands which is associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Take hand stretching exercises regularly.

Hearty appetite

It is common to find yourself wanting to devour the contents in your kitchen and fridge so, you can find anything to eat. It is good to stock your home with healthy snacks.

Skin discoloration

You may believe it or not, but skin discoloration is a very common and frequently occurred symptom in your pregnancy. It is also known as Linea Nigra. It is also happened due to hormonal changes, but it will fade away after childbirth.

Showing at 23 weeks of first pregnancy

Every pregnant woman has different experience depends upon your age, previous pregnancies, height, and fitness. You may have to wait a bit longer to have 23 weeks pregnant bump as compare to other women. Your uterus needs a little extra time for expanding and stretching.

But you will show earlier if you are pregnant with twins and pregnant with your second baby.

Precautions during 23rd week of pregnancy

  • Look at salt quantity in your diet, recommended salt consumption in a day is 1 tablespoon.
  • Avoid food poisoning by not eating raw or uncooked foodstuff.
  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Get to know about preterm labor sings, discuss with your doctor.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 23

  • Plan a maternity photoshoot
  • Ask about maternity leave
  • Get to know about your life insurance
  • Start thinking about savings account for your baby
  • Keep an eye on our website in order to get an amazing content on your pregnancy experience

Pregnancy symptoms week 22 – All you need to know

We are almost done with our second trimester. Doesn’t that sound great? We are using the phrase “we” here because we feel like we have been a part of your journey as well. Before starting to inform you about pregnancy symptoms week 22, let us first acknowledge how brave and resilient you have been! Kudos! More power to all the moms-to-be out there!

Baby at 22 weeks pregnancy is about the size of a beautiful, ripe coconut that you love to buy on the beach now and then. This growing and flourishing 22 weeks old fetus have now more facial features like a human being. Your pregnancy transformation is now going to be more dramatic and exciting! So, let us get started on the topic of ‘22 weeks pregnant: what to expect.’

Pregnancy symptoms week 22: Your checklist



If you search 22 weeks pregnant belly pictures on the internet, you will find many adorable and breath-taking belly shots. Your 22 weeks pregnant bump is now perfect for showing it off to people proudly on Instagram if that is what you want to do. Get a friend or a partner or a professional photographer. Channel your inner model by getting a mesmerizing 22 weeks pregnant belly photoshoot.


22 weeks pregnant ultrasound is extremely important! By this time, your baby has developed all his or her vital organs. A professional look at them by a sonologist will rule out any malformation or anomaly that must be dealt with before the birth of the baby. If your pregnancy symptoms week 22 are not very worrisome, you still need to visit your ultrasound doctor!

Baby Movements during 22 weeks of pregnancy

As your pregnancy belly week by week becomes more prominent and better, so does your baby’s movements. Your baby must be kicking like crazy by now. A baby tends to sleep for almost half a day, so do not freak out if you do not feel the baby’s kicks for some time in a day. To keep track of your baby’s activity, take a piece of paper and tear it, or make a mark on it throughout the day, whenever your baby moves. You can later show the progress to your doctor.

Some babies like to move around more when they enjoy the sounds they hear. Try playing soothing music for the baby. Have a talking session with the baby as well. They love to listen to your voice and will express it by moving around in your belly.

Hair Growth

If you have not been a hairy person ever in your life, this one will come as a shocking surprise for you. Pregnancy symptoms week 22 are caused by the rising levels of hormones in your body. While these hormones are suitable for the well-being of your baby, they might become a nuisance for you. With hormones comes hair growth all over your body. Specially under-arms and the pubes. We would recommend shaving or waxing as per your comfort to maintain proper hygiene.

Weight Gain

Pregnancy symptoms week 22 involve a significant rise in the appetite. Although you might be an exception. Even if that is the case, and you do not feel particularly crazy about food, you must be careful about your food intake. You require approximately 300 more calories than you previously used to consume. Binge on healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Take milk. Eat a burger or a pizza too if you want. The weight gain is inevitable. We shall worry about getting rid of it after the baby’s birth.


22 weeks pregnant cramping will be scarier and more intense than ever before. Some women start experiencing false contractions too. They can be very painful, but they are nothing to freak out about. Check-in with your OB/GYN for any pregnancy symptoms week 22 that seems a little too much for you to handle.


The headaches are one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms week 22. You might have experienced milder problems before, but at 22 weeks they will increase in intensity and will also fluctuate. Be very careful about new patterns of headache as they might be an indication of raised blood pressure!


Though you may feel an increase in your sex drive, you might not have the energy actually to do something about it. Lethargy and weakness are a part of pregnancy symptoms week 22. You might want to sit around all day in a couch, eating nothing but nachos. But trust us when we say this, no matter how bad you want just to lay around, some amount of physical activity is right for you and your baby.

Keep going to work. Masturbate if you feel like it. Walk around in the yard or the neighborhood. Go to a park with your friends or partner or other children and make a day out if it. Go for a picnic by the riverside. Any physical activity will do wonders to your mood. Not only will you feel less stressed, but also you will notice a fresh rise in your energy levels.

Red Flags during 22 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms week 22 can be a pointer towards some severe conditions like rising blood sugar, diabetes, or liver damage that can occur at this stage. Precautions during the 22nd week of pregnancy include:

  • Keep an eye on the color, frequency, and consistency of your urine. Any change like frothy urine or blood in urine is a red flag!
  • Report any change in the pattern of headaches, especially if they accompany dizziness, weakness or decrease in eyesight
  • Report any pain on the right side of your tummy
  • If your skin starts becoming yellow, or you feel itchy all the time, immediately contact your doctor.
  • Bruises appearing on the skin out of nowhere, or bleeding from any body orifice might be an indicator of liver damage
  • If your feet, face or tummy suddenly becomes very swollen, your doctor needs to examine what’s going on.

Showing at 22 weeks, especially in the first pregnancy, needs to be checked out by your OB/GYN