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When do pregnancy craving start?

when do pregnancy craving start

Pregnancy craving can start even before you get to know that you are pregnant. It can also be a source of signaling your pregnancy. So, basically, when do pregnancy craving start means that you are doing some work. Suddenly, you realize that you are feeling a strong urge to eat a chocolate cake or an egg sandwich and you cannot concentrate on anything else and in this way you can get to know when do pregnancy craving start. Although, these foods may not be your favorites However, not every pregnant woman experiences the same situation but if you feel so, you possibly find it difficult to control it for a certain period. You need not worry about expressing your feelings with someone because nobody will call you crazy when pregnancy craving starts to happen.

Is it real and normal to have pregnancy craving?

If your spouse is in the period of early pregnancy, then it’s usually very common to ask for a burger or chips with ketchup or any other kind of food combinations at a certain time. Some people think, is it real to have pregnancy craving? It might not make you happy to know that you can be conscious of specific flavor on different occasions.

Some research shows that about 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women go through this. It is also possible to have a different kind of food craving around the world due to the existence of numerous cultures. So, it’s a very normal process even you are consuming a very odd combination of food.

When do pregnancy craving start normally?

Nobody can be sure about when do pregnancy craving starts. But it can happen even in the very first week of pregnancy and cannot figure out why I am going crazy for a scoop of ice cream or a bowl of pickles. It begins to happen during the first trimester which probably starts from week 1 to week 12.

Is it possible to limit pregnancy craving?

It can possibly be controlled by different means or just to have a very small portion of the food item. This can satisfy your needs. It will get stronger and intense with the beginning of the second trimester usually after 12 weeks till 26 weeks. However, in the third trimester it can move towards decline but in some cases, it may continue until the baby is born.

A convincing fact

It is very interesting to know that people who are going through acute morning sickness and nausea may have fewer food cravings. But you cannot be so sure about when do pregnancy craving start.

Is it necessary for every pregnant woman to have a craving?

There are about 10 to 50 percent chances not to have any food craving during your pregnancy process. In this case, you do not feel hate or love for any food. You just not feel hungry or go crazy for food. But the question of when do pregnancy craving start can be answered anytime during the first and second trimester.

Common pregnancy craving

Unfortunately, there is not enough research done on when do pregnancy craving start, a few studies have shown the most common food cravings around the world:

  • Sweets
  • Dairy products
  • Carbohydrates in different forms
  • Fast food
  • Savory

It is for sure one can easily understand that all food items mentioned above should not be recommended during early pregnancy due to poor nutrition value, but are the most frequent food cravings of the pregnant women which may not be fulfilled every time.

How can you balance your diet during temptations for certain food?

To satisfy your pregnancy cravings along with healthy food consumption, the only solution is to take a small portion. E.g. if you want to eat a king sized chocolate, you can have chocolate flavored milk with low fats.

What are food aversions?

A bar of chocolate with sauce or ice cream with pickle, if these are your choices of food during pregnancy, then you can call it food aversion. It can also be in the form of irresistible disliking for your favorite food item.

When does a pregnancy aversion get triggered?

It can happen anytime exactly with the beginning of food cravings. Mostly, this can happen due to uncooked meat as it carries bacteria in it, which is harmful to the mother and the baby. These food combinations can be wired but do not get stressed. It will get back to normal after the baby is born.

Do pregnancy food cravings cause weight loss?

You can lose weight if you eat less or crave for the food you disliked before pregnancy. You liked eating a high protein diet before pregnancy but now you are craving for sweets, making a chance to eat less because it is not your favorite meal.

Can pregnancy craving be the reason for weight gain?

Yes, off course because you are feeling a strong urge to have plenty of fast food like chips or pancakes. These foods have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health. For example, your carving for high carbohydrate content will lead towards the abnormal weight gain in a very short period of time.

Reasons behind this myth

No scientific study supports that why these craving gets triggered, but some observation explains that these craving can be the sign of nutrition deficiencies of some specific nutrients like the urge for salty food may indicate a deficiency of sodium in your body or burger for low proteins.

Hormonal imbalance

Some people strongly believe that these cravings are simply due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.

Impact on your sense of smell and taste

This can also happen due to a sudden change in your senses. Especially, the sense of smell and taste. Your taste buds become super sensitive or dull.


Sometimes stress can cause food cravings because experiencing pregnancy is a difficult situation for every woman. So, they may release their stress by eating sweets or other preferred foods.

When do pregnancy craving start _ does it tell anything about gender?

According to some myths, if a woman craves for something sweet this indicates she is expecting a baby girl but on the other hand if she is craving for spicy and salty food then she is expecting a baby boy. But there is medical evidence about it.

Remedial measures when pregnancy craving start

You cannot always control these temptations. The solution is to try to deal with these cravings and aversions positively. One thing should be remembered, these feelings are less observed by the start of the fourth month but if it is not stopped, then you need some emotional support which you can get from your partner.

Now we will discuss several convincing concepts to control it.

Wise choices about your meal

Be specific about your meal choices when you feel craving for some food that has zero nutritional value like you can have low-fat chocolate milk instead of half a dozen brownies.

Mind diverting activities

When do pregnancy craving start, do some mind diverting activities like go for a walk, exercise, read a book, write something, and chat with friends.

Alternative food

If your food aversions repulsed you to consume healthy food then you can switch to substitute items.

Consume a small amount of food but in large numbers

Eat small meals but in several times during a day so that you can limit your temptations.

Should I visit a doctor during the craving period?

Pregnancy cravings are expected during every pregnancy, but it can be different every time. Sometimes, this situation becomes problematic when you wanted to have non-food products like clay, dirt, charcoal, and a soap. This condition is known as ‘pica’. You should immediately consult with your doctor to deal with it. Once you understand when do pregnancy craving start you can prepare yourself to control it.

Are there any consequences of pregnancy cravings?

Cravings can cause unwanted gain in your weight or weight loss, which ultimately has consequences. One of them is ‘gestational diabetes’ in which sugar level gets too high and can be the reason for depression and cesarean section.


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